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6'2" 4th generation Cuban-American happy to have a job and a stunning two-year girlfriend. Looking forward to getting a better job, closer to home. Love to dance. Or watch her while doing so. ;) 

Any deals or suggestions on gift buying?

Happy to try out the site!

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The Best Breakfast Spot in New Orleans Eats New Orleans Restaurant Review

By: Drew32834
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There have been some great places to eat in New Orleans over the years but during this last trip the food wasn't as good. While dining at one of restaurants we asked one of the managers about the lack of flavor and she admitted that many of the top restaurants have reduced that amount of seasoning in their food to accommodate the palette mid-westerns who couldn't handle the strong flavors. Well Eats New Orleans didn't get the memo because their food is like old school New Orleans cuisine. Its all just a little different and bursting with flavor. The restaurant was cozy with a modern feel. The chef offered its standard menu but also had seasonal specials that offered a little more interest and fun for the traveling foodie. If you are in New Orleans or heading there and want real NOLA flavors give them a try. Video shared by blkphoto on Youtube Follow blkphoto on Twitter @todayifeellike Instagram @blkphoto Tumblr Website Amazon IPVanish

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